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Under the rough and ruggedly handsome exteriors are two modest guys with an unquenchable desire to prove it.

Randy is the good-looking one, Jon has the epic beard of ages... and talent.

Randy Russelburg

One of the unqualified hosts of Tall Tales is Randy Russelburg, President of The SMArts Project, a nonprofit designed specifically to help save the music related classes and activities in high schools.

A former chauffeur, bodyguard and tour bus driver to some of the biggest names in the past 20+ years, Randy has seen and heard quite a bit of what the music industry has to offer. 

He has been a music lover from an early age, and has even admitted to playing anywhere between 3-5 notes on a guitar in the mid 80's.

Jonathan Gluff

Jon has been a lifelong musician, picking up bass guitar at 9 years old and guitar at 16.
Having played everything from gospel and bluegrass to death metal and hardcore punk, he loves to find good music in any and all genres. Furthermore, he enjoys sharing his love and knowledge of music with anyone who will listen.
Jon is glad to be able to support a great cause like The SMArts Project by serving as its musical director. He records and mixes each episode of the podcast, as well as all the music.



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